Healthy and Safe Child Care Funding

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New Funding Opportunity

Child Care Aware® of America, in partnership with the Administration for Children and Family’s (ACF) National Center for Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW), is launching a pilot project on health and safety in child care. The goal of Healthy and Safe Child Care: A Training of Trainers Opportunity is to develop innovative strategies and tactical approaches for introducing NCECHW training content to the child care resource and referral agency (CCR&R) system in a supported way.

Project Purpose

Two programs—child care resource and referral agencies or other child care training providers—will be selected for this opportunity; these programs will host an initial train-the-trainer session during September 2016, conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. An incentive grant will be awarded to support the cost of providing the train-the-trainer session and for developing a training implementation plan that reaches center- and home-based providers.

By the end of the partnership, the two participating CCR&Rs will have:

  • Developed and implemented a training plan to disseminate training content to child care providers and a plan for conducting trainings to child care providers in a specified locality, region, or state;
  • Designed strategies for their project continuation, community support/partnerships, and expansion as detailed in their sustainability plan;
  • Demonstrated the value of this training in meeting state plan requirements for health and safety pre-service or ongoing training; and
  • Participated in evaluation activities, including data collection and reporting.

Who is Eligible

In order to qualify for the pilot, the program must demonstrate:

  • A need for health and safety training in its community,
  • A draft plan for how this training will either supplant or coordinate with and supplement existing health and safety training (to reduce duplication of efforts),
  • How the program will continue to train trainers and child care providers with this curriculum once the partnership is over, and
  • How the training helps support state and federal health and safety training requirements for child care providers.


Applications for funding are now closed. Winners will be notified of their application status by August 29, 2016.


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